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Our Menu has a wide variety of choices...
From a large selection of Drinks to award winning Entrees and Appetizers


Made with Island Rum. Your choice of Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana or Mango.


Cappuccino ice cream, Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua and Chocolate Syrup.

Miami Vice

Pina Colada poured into a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Schnapps and Lemonade.

Coconut Mai Tai

Malibu Rum, Pineapple, Grenadine and splashed with Dark Rum.

Pink Limon

Bacardi Limon, Cranberry and Sweet & Sour.

Skittles Drink

Orange and Raspberry Vodka, Melon Liquor, Cranberry and Pineapple.

Sweet Tart

Vodka, Melon Liquor, Sweet & Sour and 7up.

Watermelon Lemon Ice

Vodka, Watermelon Pucker and Lemonade.

Frozen Mango Mojito

Mango and Bacardi Limon blended with fresh mint and lime.

Cookies and Cream

Vanilla Vodka, Chocolate Vodka, Creme De Cacao, Cream and Chocolate. Served with an Oreo Cookie.

Strawberry Paradise

Citrus Vodka, Strawberry, Cranberry and Sweet & Sour.

Pina Colada

Made with Island Rum and a refreshing blend of Pineapple and Coconut.

Drunken Arnie Palmer

Sweet Tea infused Vodka and Lemonade.

Grape Crush

Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Schnapps, Cranberry and 7up.

Hoola Dancer

Malibu Rum, Melon Liquor, Sweet & Sour and Pineapple.

Sex on the Beach

Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Raspberry Schnapps, Pineapple and OJ.

Cucumber Cooler

Absolut vodka, cucumber, lime and ginger ale.

Forbidden Bourbon Smash

Maker's Mark bourbon, sour mix and pomme.

Mint Julep

Knob Creek, mint, sugar and club soda.


Mojitos & Martinis[+]


A classic Cuban Drink made the Old Fashioned way!
Mint, Lime, Sugar, Rum and Club Soda
You choose your Flavor!

Traditional Lime, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Grape, Sour Apple, Orange, Raspberry, Watermelon or Blueberry


Ring Pop

Vodka, Melon Liquor, Strawberry, Grenadine and Ginger Ale. Served with a Ring Pop.

White Gummy Bear

Raspberry Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Sweet & Sour and 7up with Gummy Bear candy.

Marilyn Monroe

Strawberry infused Vodka and a splash of Cranberry, topped with Champagne.

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry, Citrus Vodka, Sweet & Sour and 7up.

Georgia Peach

Vodka, Peach Schnapps and 7up, topped with Grenadine.

Caramel Apple

Apple Pucker Schnapps, Green Apple Vodka and Butterscotch Schnapps.


Citrus Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry and Fresh Lime.

Sour Apple

Apple Infused Vodka and Apple Pucker Schnapps.

Carribean Queen

Malibu Rum, Watermelon Schnapps and Cranberry.

Red Raspberry

Raspberry Vodka, Chambord and Fresh Raspberry.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Strawberry Vodka, Creme De Cacao, Strawberry and a shaved Chocolate rim.

Pineapple Upside Down

Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto and Pineapple with a sunken Cherry.


Citrus Vodka, Strawberry, Sweet & Sour and 7up with a Sugar rim and a Red Licorice Wheel.


Three Olives Coke vodka, Licar 43, pineapple and cream topped off with sprinkles.

Decadent Chocolate

Cirac vodka, Godiva Liqueur, Bailey's dark creme de cacao and cream.


Chocolate vodka, amaretto, dark creme de cacao and a touch of cream.

Dirty Bleu

Grey Goose vodka and bleu cheese stuffed olives.

Margaritas & Punchbowls[+]


Made 3 Ways - Frozen, On the Rocks or Straight Up. With Salt, Sugar or No Rim. You Decide!

Traditional Lime, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Watermelon, Pomegranate

Upgrade your Margarita:

Cuervo 1800, Patron Resposado, Cabo Wabo, Patron Platinum, Patron Silver, Gran Patron Burdeos, Patron Anejo

PUNCHBOWLS - Great for sharing and celebrating with friends!

Birthday Punch

A drink to remember! 4 liquors (Vodka, Rum, Southern Comfort & Triple Sec) shaken with Lime, Grenadine, Pineapple and Orange, topped with Fresh Fruit.

Big Blue Ocean Punch Bowl

Malibu Rum, Melon Liquor, Blue Curacao, Pineapple, Sweet & Sour and 7up.

Long Island Iced Tea Punch Bowl

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour and a splash of Coke.

Electric Lemonade Punch Bowl

Citrus Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sweet & Sour, 7up and Fresh Lemons.

Aquarium Punch Bowl

Citrus Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Island Blue Pucker, Sweet & Sour and 7up, served with Gummy Fish.

Let's Go Fishing Punch Bowl

Grape Vodka, Triple Sec, Island Blue Pucker, a splash of Sour Mix and 7up with Sea Critters inside just waiting for you to get them.

Shark Attack

Grape Vodka, triple sec, Bacardi Limon, Sour Mix and 7up, with gummy sharks just waiting to attack!.

Fruit Loops

Loopy Vodka, coke vodka, triple sec, 7up and pineapple juice with a splash of cream.

Shots & Bombs[+]


Cherry Blow Pop

Southern Comfort, Amaretto and Gernadine.

Gingerbread Man

Kahlua, Baileys and Goldschlager.

Blue Kamikaze

Vodka, Blue Curacao and Lime.

Watermelon Kamikaze

Vodka, Watermelon Pucker and Lime.

Girl Scout Cookie

Green Creme De Menthe, Creme De Cacao and Cream.

Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Schnapps, Amaretto and Sour Mix.

Baby Bear

Liquor 43 and Cream.

Barney on Acid

Blue Curacao, Jager and Cranberry.

Smurf Punch

Bodka, Blue Curacao and Sour Mix.

Broken Down Golf Cart

Amaretto, Melon Liquor and Cranberry.

Captain on Acid

Captain Morgan, Blue Curacao, Pineapple and Grenadine.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Vanilla Vodka, Amaretto, Pineapple and Grenadine.

Scooby Snack

Coconut Rum, Melon Liquor and Pineapple, shaken with Whipped Cream.

Grateful Dead

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Triple Sec and Raspberry Schnapps.

Surfer on Acid

Jagermeister, Coconut Rum and Pineapple.

Jolly Rancher

Melon Liquor, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry and Lime.

Melon Ball

Vodka, Melon Liquor and OJ.

Liquid Cocaine

Jagermeister and Goldschlager.

Snake Bite

Yukon Jack and Lime.

Soco Kamikaze

Southern Comfort, Vodka, Triple Sec and Lime.

Buttery Nipple

Butterscotch Schnapps and Baileys.

Liquid Heroin

Jager, Rumplemintz and Bacardi 151.

Red Headed Slut

Jager, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry.

Purple Devil

Bacardi 151, Raspberry Schnapps and Sour Mix.

Bazooka Joe

Baileys, Banana Liquor and Blue Curacao.


Vodka, Triple Sec and Lime.

Lemon Drop

Chilled Citrus Vodka with a sugar coated lemon.

Chocolate Cake

Citrus Vodka and Hazelnut Liquor with a sugar coated lemon.

Klondike Bar

Rumplemintz, Frangelico, Baileys and Kahlua.

Blueberry Pancake

Blueberry Vodka and Butterscotch Schnapps.

Jet Fuel

Creme De Menthe and Goldschlager.

Green Tea

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Peach Schnapps and 7up.

Cinnamon French Toast

Goldschlager, Vanilla Vodka, Baileys, topped with Bacardi 151 and Cinnamon.

Chocolate Whipped Cream

Chocolate and Whipped Cream Vodka.


Jameson Whiskey and Butterscotch Schnapps, with an OJ side car.

Baby Guiness

Kahlua with a layer of Baileys on top.


Vodka, Melon Liquor, Cranberry and OJ.

Carrot Cake

Baileys, Kahlua, Butterscotch Schnapps and Goldschlager.

Water Moccasin

Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec and Sour Mix.


Layers of Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier.

Oatmeal Cookie

Goldschlager, Baileys and Butterscotch Schnapps.

Tootsie Roll

Vodka, Kahlua and OJ.

Absolutely Fruity

Absolut Vodka, Banana Liquor and Watermelon Pucker.

Orange Drop

Chilled Orange Vodka with a sugar coated orange.

Blue Motorcycle

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Blue Curacao and Pineapple.

Swedish Fish

Black Haus, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry.


Jager Bomb

Jagermeister + Energy Drink.

Berry Bomb

Raspberry Vodka + Energy Drink.

Orange Tic Tac Bomb

Mandarin Orange Vodka + Energy Drink.

Hand Grenade Bomb

Jager, Vodka + Energy Drink.

Strawberry Bomb

Strawberry Vodka + Energy Drink.

Bubble Bomb

Bubble Gum Vodka + Energy Drink.

Cotton Candy Bomb

Cotton Candy Vodka + Energy Drink.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Vodka + Energy Drink.

Island Bomb

Malibu Rum + Energy Drink.

Gold Bomb

Cinnamon Schnapps + Energy Drink.

Southern Hospitality Bomb

Southern Comfort + Energy Drink.

Apple Bomb

Apple Vodka + Energy Drink.

Melon Bomb

Midori + Energy Drink.

Vegas Bomb

Malibu, Peach Schnapps + Energy Drink.


Patron XO Cafe, Baileys + Energy Drink.

Cabo Bomb

Tequila + Energy Drink.

Skittles Bomb

Citrus, Raspberry and Strawberry Vodka + Energy Drink.

Irish Car Bomb

Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys + Half Glass of Guinness.

Dr. Pepper Bomb

Amaretto and Bacardi 151 + Half Glass of Beer.

RED by the Glass

Rulffino Chianti
Save Me Francisco Cabernet
Mark West Pinot Noir
Beringer Fouders Estate Pinot Noir
Menage A Trois Merlot

ROSE by the Glass

Sutter Home White Zinfandel

WHITE by the Glass

Bolla Pinot Grigio
KJ Vintners Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
Cupcake Vineyard Chardonnay
Chateau STE Michelle Riesling
KJ Vintners Reserve Chardonnay
Yellow Tail Riesling

House Wines

All House Wines
Pinot Grigio
White Zinfandel

Start your meal off right with some of our many delicious appetizers

SAUCES: Mild, Medium, Hot, Bourbon, Teriyaki, Sweet Tai Chili, Bee Sting, Garlic Hot, Honney BBQ, Citrus Chipolte BBQ, CAjun Bleu, Wasabi Chili, Bleu Chees Honey Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Satan Sauce, Bourbon Red Raspberry, Cajun Garlic Parmesan, Honey Sirracho, Spicy Asain Orange, Spicy Mango, Sweet N Sour, Pineapple Garlic, Chipolte Ranch, Root Beer BBQ, Irish Whiskey, Cracked Pepper N Honey, Red Garlic, Tangy Carolina Mustard BBQ, PB & J
DRY RUBS: Chesapeake, Red Hot, Caribbean Jerk, Jalapeno Ranch, Salt & Vinegar, Old Bay, Dill PIckle


Crispy fried wings tossed in your choice of sauce. Served with Blue Cheese and Celery.

Boneless Chicken Chunks

Half Pound of White Meat Chicken Chunks deep fried and tossed in your choice of sauce. Served with Blue Cheese and Celery.




Popcorn Chicken

Bite sized pieces of breaded white meat chicken, fried golden brown and served with Honey Mustard and BBQ dipping sauce.

Macho Nachos

A mound of tri-colored corn chips topped with chicken or beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese sauce, black olives, jalapenos, salsa and sour cream. Add guacamole for 1.00.

Italian Fried Mozzarella

Half moons of Mozzarella cheese covered in Italian breading and fried golden brown. Served with Marinara sauce.

Award Winning Sweet Potato Fries

Voted Best Sweet Fry in NEPA by The Times Leader. Served with a side of Cinnamon Mayo dipping sauce.

Cajun Blackened Shrimp Skewers

Skewered jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon, Cajun seasoned and blackened, served with Creole mustard.

Grilled Wasabi Tuna

A fresh sushi grade Ahi Tuna, chargrilled to order, sliced and drizzled with Cucumber Wasabi dressing.

Cranky Calamari

Flash-fried calamari and battered banana peppers with a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce.

Island Coconut Shrimp

Six jumbo coconut tempura-battered shrimp, served with orange marmalade dipping sauce.

Thai Chicken Skewers

Four grilled Asian marinated skewered chicken tenders. Served with Terriyaki Thai Peanut sauce.

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla

A crispy flour tortilla filled with diced grilled chicken, onions, sweet peppers and a three cheese blend. Sour cream and salsa served on the side. Add guacamole for 1.00.

Hot Maryland Crab Dip

A warm combination of three cheese and fresh crabmeat, served with tri-colored corn tortilla chips.

Crab Stuffed Pretzel

A baked Soft Pretzel topped with Crab Meat and melted cheeses. Served with a side of Roasted Red Pepper Mayo.

Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers

Tender chicken strips hand breaded in Captain Crunch Cereal. Served with Honey Mustard dipping sauce.

NEW Four Cheese Flatbread

Mozzarella, provolone, mild cheddar and Parmesan cheese with homemade pizza sauce

NEW BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Honey BBQ sauce, grilled chicken and cheddar cheese

NEW Chicken Wing Flatbread

Grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese and your choice of wing sauce

NEW AB&G's World Famous Hand-Cut French Fries

Jumbo basket of hand-cut fries. Choose from Plain, Garlic Parm, Red Hot, Salt N Vinegar, Sea Salt N Cracked Pepper, Cheese, Old Bay Fries.

Soups & Salads[+]
Try one of our freshly made salads or mouth watering soups


Homeade Soup of the Day

Cup or Bowl

Homemade Chicken Noodle

Cup or Bowl






DRESSINGS: House Dressing (Lemon Poppy Seed), Northern Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, 1000 Island, Buttermilk Ranch, Chunky Blue Cheese, Catalina French, Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette, Parmesan Peppercorn, Greek Feta Vinaigrette, Thai Peanut

Garden House Salad

Your choice of dressing.

Classic Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce hearts and croutons tossed with a classic Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese. Your choice of Grilled Shrimp or Chicken.

Chicken, Cranberry and Walnut Ranch

Fresh grilled chicken breast served over crisp Romaine hearts topped with walnuts and dried cranberries. Buttermilk Ranch dressing served on the side.

Fajita Steak Salad

Marinated grilled steak, lettuce, roasted corn, bell peppers and Monterey Jack cheese in a crisp tortilla shell, salsa ranch dressing on the side.

Blackened Tuna Caesar Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce hearts and croutons tossed with a classic Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese topped with Cajun spiced blackened Ahi Tuna.

Oriental Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken skewers with a combination of fresh greens topped with blue cheese crumbles, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, Chinese noodles and Thai Peanut dressing.

Grilled Chicken Taco Salad

Fresh grilled chicken breast with Romaine hearts topped with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, sweet peppers and fried corn tortilla strips. Served with Salsa Ranch dressing on the side.

Grilled Shrimp Greek Salad

Six jumbo grilled shrimp served over fresh greens topped with cucumbers, black olives, tomatoes, red onion, Feta cheese and finished with a Greek Vinaigrette dressing.

NEW Baja Chicken Salad

Grilled seasoned chicken, tortilla strips, black beans and cheddar cheese over fresh salad greens with a side of Southwest ranch dressing..

NEW Sweet Corn and Shrimp Cobb Salad

Fresh greens topped with fresh grilled corn, jumbo shrimp, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese and cucumbers with your choice of dressing served on the side.

Sandwiches & Burgers[+]
Satisfy your hunger with an incredible wrap, a juicy burger or a personal size pizza


Philadelphia Cheesesteak Wrap

Thinly sliced steak and mozzarella cheese with sauteed onions and sweet peppers.

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie

Shaved chicken breast, grilled onion and melted mozzarella and provolone cheese with your choice of Mild, Medium or Hot wing sauce. Served on a genuine Philly Amarosa roll.

NEW Rodeo Chicken Cheesesteak

Thinly sliced chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon and melted cheddar cheese, topped with crispy onion straws, served on an Amoroso roll straight out of Philadelphia.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Fresh grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce hearts, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes and creamy garlic dressing.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Wrap

Fresh Grilled Sushi grade Tuna, sliced and wrapped with baby greens and Cucumber Wasabi dressing in a tomato-herb wrap.

NEW Arrogant Bastard Wrap

Stone Brewing Ale marinated steak with mushrooms, bleu cheese crumbles, field greens, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Southern Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hickory smoked pulled pork served on a Brioche bun. Served with an extra side of our Honey BBQ sauce.

Buffalo Blue Chicken Sandwich

Your choice of either a grilled chicken breast or a crispy fried chicken breast coated in your choice of wing sauce (Mild, Medium, Hot) and topped with blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomatoes and onion on a Brioche bun.

Turkey Club Wrap

Sliced turkey breast, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo wrapped in a tomato-herb wrap.

NEW Honey Sriracha Chicken Wrap

Crispy battered chicken, lettuce and tomatoes, all drizzled with our honey sriracha glaze and wrapped in a tomato-herb wrap.

Your choice of either Freshly Ground all White Meat Turkey Burger or USDA Choice Angus Steak Burger.
All burgers are topped with Shredded Lettuce, Sliced Tomato and Red Onion and served with our Award Winning Hand-Cut Idaho French Fries.

All American

A classic, two slices of melted American cheese.


Crisp bacon and melted American cheese.

Jack Bourbon Burger

Bacon, melted Provolone cheese, sauteed onion and sweet Bourbon glaze.


Melted Pepper-Jack cheese and fried Jalapeno bottle caps.

OMG Burger

Hickory Smoked pulled pork, melted Sharp Cheddar cheese and crispy Onion Straws.

NEW California Spicy Pickle

Pepper jack cheese, spicy breaded pickle chips, avacado ranch, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Black and Blue

Cajun seasoned, blackened and topped with melted Blue cheese crumbles.

NEW 3 Cheesy Pigs

Bacon, American cheese, ham, cheddar cheese, pork and smoked gouda.




Try one of our appetizing entrees guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds

All entrees include your choice of Soup or Garden Salad. Substitute a small Caesar Salad for 1.00

Penne Ala Vodka with Grilled Chicken

Fresh juicy chargrilled chicken breast served over Penne pasta, tossed in our Homemade Blush Vodka sauce.

Jumbo Maryland Crab Cakes

Two Homemade jumbo lump crab cakes, lightly breaded and baked golden brown. Served with rice pilaf and fresh sauteed vegetables.

Bourbon Grilled Chicken

Juicy fresh grilled chicken breast basted in our Homemade Jack Daniels glaze. Served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.

Grilled Steak and Shrimp Kabobs

A combination of one skewer of tender marinated steak and one skewer of jumbo shrimp. Served over rice pilaf and fresh sauteed vegetables.

NEW Bourbonzola Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak grilled with Jack Daniel's bourbon glaze and topped with melted "Amish" bleu cheese crumbles, served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.

Loaded Baked Potato Chicken

A baked potato encrusted chicken breast topped with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sour cream and chives. Served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.

Crab Tortellini

Five cheese Tortellini tossed with Lump Crab meat, garlic, plum tomatoes and spinach. Finished with a fresh Parmesan Cream sauce.

New York Strip Steak

USDA Choice 12oz hand-cut Strip Steak chargrilled to order. Served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.

Rosemary Chicken

Juicy fresh chicken breast encrusted in Rosemary Parmesan breading and drizzled with a lemon butter sauce. Served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh sauteed vegetables.

NEW Buffalo Mac N Cheese

Cavatappi pasta spirals tossed in a creamy cheddar sauce topped with shaved parmesean, blue cheese crumbles, and crispy battered chicken breast dipped in mild buffalo wing sauce.

Caribbean Mahi Mahi

Fresh grilled fish fillet topped with ginger mango pineapple salsa, served with rice and fresh vegetables.

Jumbo Grilled Fajitas

Your choice: chile-citrus marinated chicken breast, chile-citrus and papaya marinated steak, sauteed jalapeno garlic butter shrimp or a combination with onions, bell peppers and rice, served with sour cream, cheddar cheese, salsa and lettuce.

Creole Salmon and Shrimp

Cajun-seasoned salmon topped with shrimp in a Creole cream sauce, served with rice pilaf and fresh vegetables.

NEW Duchess Chicken

Parmesan crusted chicken drizzled with lemon butter and topped with Belgium ale marinated tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Served with garlic smashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Finish your stay with one of our decadent desserts

Add Vanilla Ice Cream to any Dessert for 1.00.

Red Velvet Cake

A delicious dessert that needs no introduction - Red Velvet Cake. Enjoy a bright-red sponge filled with a tangy, airy cream cheese frosting. It's everything you are expecting...and more!

Oreo Chocolate Mousse

A creamy vanilla mousse delight with oodles of Oreo goodness. Who doesn't like Oreos? Who doesn't like mousse? Who doesn't like cake? It's a no-brainer!

Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake

The earthy flavors and fall spices of pumpkin pie combine with the creamy richness of cheesecake in this new classic dessert. Add to that the sweet nuttiness of praline, and you've got something over the top.

Peanut Butter Explosion

Delicious, decadent and oh so dreamy. Each petite pastry is overflowing with sweet, rich, luscious flavors. And they're so adorably decorated, they're almost too pretty to eat...we said almost!

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

This right here is every chocolate lover's dream! Dark chocolate cake layers sandwiched together with fudge cream filling and covered with easy fudge frosting. Need we say more?

Party Menu[+]
Planning a Private Party, Wedding Rehearsal, or Birthday Party?

See our Party Menu for choices of Hot and Cold Appetizers, a wide selection of Entrees, and Open Bar Options.